"Welcome Home" is more that a catchy slogan. It's how we want to do church. First Baptist Bruceton is more than a building. It's a place where you can come and have your burdens lifted and your heart healed. We're all imperfect and broken. Come home and find comfort in the loving arms of your Savior.


Find your Home

Maybe you're new to church or maybe you've spent your whole life here. In either case, there comes a point when you want more. You want to know more. Do more. Grow more. That's good. That's God's will for your life.

We believe that this is best accomplished in our small groups. You can't grow spiritually without connecting relationally. Relationships are the building blocks of our entire life. We were not created to be left alone. Life is best lived in a loving community.

That's where Sunday School comes in. No matter what season of life you may be in, we have a small group that is walking through that same season. It's in these groups that you will find like minded people struggling with the same issues. You can help each other, love each other, and rejoice together.

In every single group, every time we meet, we learn about God's word, cultivate meaningful relationships, and support one another. As a result, group members receive accountability, belonging, and care. Sunday School is your chance to experience healthy relationships and spiritual growth.

When you're ready for more, get involved win a Sunday School class. From birth through the rest of your life, there is a group for you.

You can’t grow spiritually without connecting relationally.