Current Series


Starting Over After the Dream Dies - 4/28/19

We’ve all been there. Betrayed. Knocked down. Broken. How do you get back up and live the life that God has planned for you? Learn the lesson from Joseph’s life: God only uses broken people to produce beautiful masterpieces.

The Long Winding Road to Glory - 5/12/19 (Mother’s Day)

The road to glory is long and winding but you’ll get there. See 6 things in the book of Ruth that is common to all of our paths and understand that the best is yet to come.

Making the Right Choice - 5/26/19

We’ve all been there. “Things” continually compete for our affections. But above it all, Joshua reminds us that courage calls for us to make the right choice concerning how and what we give ourselves to.

Rebuilding Out of Brokenness - 6/2/19

If there’s only one thing we could learn from the life of Nehemiah it’s that, with God, rebuilding out of brokenness is always possible.